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xzp, 1.18 MB, April 28, 2013, LMY47D[edit source]Q: Replace value in textarea using Jquery I have this script in my page: $(document).ready(function () { $("#TextArea").keypress(function () { if ($("#TextArea").text().length > 50) { $("#TextArea").val("New Value"); } }); }); I want to put the string "New Value" in the textarea with id "TextArea" But the text is automatically changing to the next word when I press the space key. How can I get rid of this behavior? A: Try this: $("#TextArea").val("New Value"); $("#TextArea").val($("#TextArea").val() + "New Value"); When the user hits the space key, it will trigger the keypress event. To prevent this, use the keyup event: $("#TextArea").keyup(function() { if ($("#TextArea").text().length > 50) { $("#TextArea").val("New Value"); } }); You could also use the keydown event to set the value if the Enter key is pressed, but I think the keyup event would be more appropriate. A new perspective on T cell epitopes. A prerequisite for the development of a vaccine is the identification of immunogenic epitopes derived from the pathogenic organism. Recent advances in epitope mapping have facilitated the identification of multiple HLA class I-restricted T cell epitopes from human pathogens, in




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BIT CHE Guevara PLUS.PRO.1.60.CRACK .rar
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